Catholic Church History Paperback Book by Fr. Robert J Fox
Catholic Church History
2000 Years of Faith & Tradition
by Fr. Robert J Fox

This book, a Catechism of Catholic Church History and is more than just a history book. Fr. Fox presents much of the Catholic faith and traditions of the Church during its 2000-year history.

Such a book is needed for modern Catholic youth and today's adults in the post-Vatican II Church. In this way one could be assisted in understanding a Catholic identity with the faith of our fathers, with the faith of the centuries, and recognize the true face of Catholicism.

This book should be in every Catholic home, in the hands of teenagers, young adults, and parents.

Question and answer format, with discussion questions at the conclusion of each of the 20 chapters.

Father Fox - 50 Years in Christ's Hold PriesthoodWritten by Father Robert Fox, a teacher of 38 years, this particular text is highly recommended because of its balanced, insightful, and easy-to-understand treatment of topics such as the Greek Schism, the Protestant Revolt, Vatican II, and much more–right up to the fall of communism. A relevant, current resource for youth and adults alike.  This up-to-date presentation of Church history is the research tool your student home school needs.

2,000 Years of Faith and Tradition where Fr. Fox  takes you from Christianity's beginnings to the reign of Pope John Paul II and his years of teaching, governing and sanctifying the true Church of Jesus Christ. This book belongs in every Catholic home for teenagers, young adults and parents   A great reference for learning Church history yourself, as parent/teacher! 

[From the back cover]

I am a former evengelical ministers and teach of sacred scripture in a Protsteant Seminary.  By the grace of God I found my way out of much anti-Catholic misunderstanding and discovered for myself...the historical development of doctrine—the fullness of true faith in Catholicism that is loyal to Peter and his successors.  I’ve come to a new appreciation of the importance to know Church history. 

This book, A Catechism of Church History, takes us in an easy way from the beginnings of Christianity to the reign of Pope John Paul II.  I would like to see this book in every Catholic home, in the hands of teenagers, young adults and parents.  You will discover in an easy way 2000 years of Church history, as presented in the context, not simply of historical facts, but from a spirit of faith and love for Jesus Christ and His Church.   Catholics of all ages—and in every age—need to know their ROOTS.  You will find those roots in this volume. - 

Dr. Scott Hahn Professor at Franciscian University of Steubenville, Ohio

Category:  Catholic Doctrine
Published: Fatima Family Apostolate ( Non-Profit)
Publish Date: 2000 4th Edition
Nihl Obstat: Rev James N Joyce
Imprimatar: Most Rev. Paul V. Dudley
Pages: 289
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 9 L x 6 W x 3/4 H
Price: $9.95

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Fatima Family Apostolate is dedicated to the sanctification of the family and the individual through spreading the Fatima message.  A non-profit Catholic missionary apostolate specializing in the publishing and distribution of Catholic books designed to aid Catholics on their journey towards heaven.

The Fatima Family Apostolate was started at the encouragement of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and is endorsed by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family. It is now an international Apostolate, having members all over the world and publishes a
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